Franco-Irish correspondence, 1688–1692, Vol. 1



The first of this three-volume series provides historians with easy access to important French correspondence relating to the Glorious Revolution and the Williamite war in Ireland. Very little documentary evidence has survived in English from the Jacobite side of the conflict but French manuscripts give an account of events as seen through the eyes of James’ french allies. These documents, in french, cover every aspect of the war from the military and naval engagements to the cost of a horseman’s uniform, providing an unparalleled source for the study of the Jacobite side of this war, one with significant Irish and European perspectives. This edition complements the material contained in James Hogan’s edition of the correspondence of le Comte d’Avaux (IMC, 1934) and contains an introduction written by the editor (in english).

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Sheila Mulloy




xiv + 457



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