Commission Members

The Chair and members of the Irish Manuscripts Commission are appointed by the Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. Appointments to the Commission are facilitated by the Public Appointments Service and are subject to the Government’s revised model for ministerial appointments. 

The Commission’s membership is representative of those engaged in historical scholarship and cognate disciplines in the universities of Ireland. In addition the Directors of both the National Library of Ireland and the National Archives of Ireland serve as members of the Commission, as does the Director of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

The National Archives Act, 1986, sect. 20 requires that not less than two members of the Irish Manuscripts Commission shall be members of the National Archives Advisory Council (NAAC).

Members of the Commission receive no payment for their work, which is freely given in the service of scholarship. The Chair was entitled to receive an honorarium, but this was not claimed in 2012 and has been discontinued since 2013.

A company limited by guarantee, the Commission operates under the aegis of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and acknowledges the grant funding which it receives from the department.

Professor John McCafferty, UCD (Chairman)

Dr Ciara Breathnach, UL

Dr Liam Chambers, MIC

Dr Sandra Collins, Director NLI – ex-officio

Professor Patrick Geoghegan, TCD

Professor David Hayton, QUB

Professor Alvin Jackson, University of Edinburgh

Dr Elva Johnston, UCD

Professor Marian Lyons, MU

Ms Orlaith McBride, Director NAI – ex-officio

Ms Kate Manning, Principal Archivist, UCD

Dr Hiram Morgan, UCC

Nicola Morris, Genealogist

Dr Michael Willis, Director and Deputy Keeper, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland – ex-officio