The Register of Octavian de Palatio, Archbishop of Armagh, 1478–1513



The register of Archbishop Octavian casts a new light on the whole of the Irish church and society at the close of the middle ages. A sophisticated system of ecclesiastical courts, working subject to the archbishop, is revealed. A picture of an entire society, its organization and its mentality, emerges from the accounts of dispossessed priests, illegally married couples, forgers, perjurers and a myriad of litigants and offenders who came before the officials of the courts to reveal their stories and make amends for their faults.

This two volume boxed set allows the reader fully to appreciate and have full access to one of the richest sources of Irish medieval history. Volume I presents an historical
introduction and synopses of the documents and Volume II presents Latin transcriptions of the original manuscript.

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Edited by

Mario Sughi




: xcix + 146 & 893



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