Launch of Katherine Conolly

Tonight the IMC Chair Professor John McCafferty welcomed an animated audience to the launch of The letters of Katherine Conolly, 1707–1747. Edited by the late Dr Marie-Louise Jennings (d. 2015) and Dr Gaye Ashford, this edition brings together many letters not previously known by historians. Launching the edition Professor David Dickson commented that Dr Jennings had a good record in shining a light on the female voice in primary sources and he complimented Dr Ashford in her editing of the text for publication. He added that Katherine Conolly, who lived to 90 years, was a fiesty product of Donegal and who though childless herself, loved children. Her connections with family and details of her social activity and fondness of “crowds and very young folks” are reflected in the correspondence – along with a strong love of chocolate and vanilla! Professor Dickson commended the volume to guests. Dr Ashford talked warmly about Katherine Conolly and thanked the archives holding her correspondence for making them available. She expressed particular thanks to the daughters of Marie-Louise Jennings who had travelled to Dublin for the launch. You can purchase this edition here.