Digital Editions — New titles added

IMC is in the process of digitising all of its out-of-print titles. These will be made available to download through the Digital Editions located in the Digital Resources section of the IMC website. 

To date 70 titles have been made available and the most recent additions to the service include the following:

The letters of Katherine Conolly, 1707–1747, ed. Marie-Louise Jennings and Gabrielle M. Ashford (2018)

The transplantation to Connacht, 1654–58, ed. Robert C. Simington (1970)

Patentee officers in Ireland 1173-1826, ed. James L. J. Hughes (1960)

Quaker records, Dublin: abstracts of wills, ed. P. Beryl Eustace and Olive C. Goodbody (1957)

The chronicle of Ireland, 1584–1608, ed. Herbert Wood (1933)

The Red Book of Ormond, ed. Newport B. White (1932)

Digital Editions is available here and a list of all titles as displayed on the website is available here.