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NI Attorney General launches two IMC editions - 04/03/2016
Last night Mr John Larkin QC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland, launched two recently published IMC editions - Early Stuart Irish warrants, 1623-1639 and The acts of James II's Irish parliament of 1689. The audience, which included members of the judiciary, heard Mr Larkin praise the scholarly work of the editors Dr Mark Empey, Dr John Bergin and Dr Andrew Lyall (the latter could not be present) in bringing these texts into print. Echoing the words of a former legal mentor he emphasised the importance of reading statutes when interpreting the law and described how these editions would now enhance our understanding of the operation of statutes in the seventeenth century. The editors responded with gratitude to Mr Larkin's analysis of their editions and they outlined the genesis of their work and the journey in bringing it to publication. To the pleasure of the audience Mr Larkin praised the work of IMC, including its Administrator Dr Cathy Hayes and its Chairman James McGuire, in publishing primary sources to such high standards in a time of economic austerity, work he said which was nothing short of miraculous.


Newly published - 01/03/2016
The first modern scholarly edition of the acts of James II's 1689 Irish parliament, edited by John Bergin and Andrew Lyall has just been published.

While all 35 acts of this parliament were subsequently ordered by William III to be cancelled and destroyed, the texts of 25 acts still survive. These dealt with the land settlement, the war, taxation, the legal system and the constitutional relationship with England, religious liberty and tithes and trade and economic development. The acts show a Catholic ruling class legislating for present needs and for a Jacobite settlement that was not to be.

You can buy the book through our website here or order it through any good bookshop.

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Recently published - 22/02/2016
We are delighted to announce the publication of Early Stuart Irish warrants, 1623-1639: the Falkland and Wentworth administrations edited by Mark Empey. The warrants in this publication not only shed light on the function of government, but also provide valuable information on virtually every aspect of the more routine affairs of life in early modern Ireland including political, administrative, military, religious, economic, social and cultural matters in the years from 1623 to 1639. Mark Empey is a post-doctoral fellow on the Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women's Writing, 1550-1700 project at NUI Galway. The edition is available to buy on our website here.


Review of recent IMC edition - 01/02/2016
Read the great review of David Edwards' book Campaign journals of the Elizabethan Irish wars by Willy Maley, Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of Glasgow, in the February issue of The Spenser Review Professor Maley writes ' David Edwards, alongside his colleague at Cork, Hiram Morgan, has provided access to vital source material [providing much-needed context for Spenser's Irish experiences]. Campaign journals of the Elizabethan Irish wars is the latest and most substantial contribution, a treasure-chest of information on the workings of the English colonial administration in Spenser's lifetime.' He concludes his review by saying 'This is one book reviewed that I know I will return to again and again.' The edition is available to buy on our website here.

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