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New edition documenting a survey of Irish bogs 1809-1813 just published - 13/03/2019
Arnold Horner's long-awaited edition of the documents relating to the work of the Bogs Commissioners in Ireland for the period 1809 to 1813 has now been published. Illustrated with 44 colour plates, this edition brings together information on the wide range of materials generated by the Bogs Commissioners who were charged with enquiring ‘into the nature and extent of the several bogs in Ireland, and the practicability of draining and cultivating them’.

Today copies of the documents produced by the Bogs Commissioners are in collections in the National Archives of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. Covering 22 counties in Ireland, the documents include their manuscript maps and reports together with the minutes of their meetings.

The central document in this edition is the minute book (including accounts) in the collections of the National Archives of Ireland. Extensive appendices indicate where documents are located and give summaries of their contents.

This edition is available to purchase here.


Conservation of the documents saved after the PROI fire in 1922 - 08/01/2019

In 2017–2018 IMC sponsored an exciting project at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) to look at parcels of material salved from the destruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland (PROI) in June 1922

A team of conservators at NAI, led by senior conservator Zoë Reid, carried out an initial survey of salved materials in late 2017. Whilst there was a brief description of the contents on the parcel labels (see right), the documents inside had not been accessible to archivists, historians or researchers since they were first wrapped.

The survey identified the parcel-contents and quantified the material present, along with the condition and historical significance of the documents identified. Between August and December 378 items inside c. 220 parcels were assessed, documented and photographed. The material ranged in date from the 14th to the early 20th centuries and included among other material eight bundles of Common Law: Judgments Warrants to Satisfy, 1804–1809, with some 380 folded documents which were in good condition.

Subsequent cleaning and simple conservation measures (humidification and flattening — see photographs to the right) have stabilised the material which was in better condition, though conservation work is in the early stages as there are at time of writing 350 parcels yet to be worked on. Some 2,980 pages of paper and 965 sheets of parchment are now ready for archival listing and the list produced by this phase of the project will be published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission once work has been completed.

If you would like to read more about this exciting project click here.

All images reproduced with the kind permission of the Director of the National Archives.

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