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Calendar of Papal Letters Volume XIX: 1503-1513: Julius II Lateran Registers, Part II

Edited by: Michael J. Haren

The Papal Registers constitute a major source for many areas of historical research and as such have been under systematic investigation by individual scholars and national institutes since the Vatican Archives were opened to general consultation in 1881. The object of the Calendars is to provide a summary of contents and an indication of the form of all documents in the Register relevant to the history of Great Britain and Ireland. The revived series, much praised for its scholarship, has established itself as one of the most important undertakings of its kind. This volume completes the survey of the chancery registers of Pope Julies II (1503-1513) and includes tables of lost registered letters, extracted from the Vatican Archives' Indici, relating to the whole of the pontificate.

ISBN: 978-11874280-08-8, PP: lxii + 782 , Cover: Hardback 

Price: €65.00


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