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Calendar of State Papers Tudor period, 1509-1547

Edited by: Steven Ellis & James Murray

The state papers calendared in this volume are preserved in the National Archives in London. The record class SP 60 (State Papers Ireland Henry VIII) is one of the richest historical sources for Irish affairs during the reign of the most infamous Tudor monarch. This new, updated Calendar provides summaries of every document in the collection, together with a full set of archival and bibliographical references. The Calendar serves not only as a guide to researchers intending to work with the original material but, in itself, also revels much about the key historical events of the period, including the fall of the house of Kildare, the early Reformation in Ireland, and the attempts of successive English viceroys to incorporate the Gaelic chieftains and their lordships into the English polity in Ireland.

ISBN: 9781906865702, PP: xxiv + 519 , Cover: Hardback 

Price: €65.00

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